Long overdue.

What’s new what’s new… not a lot.. but I am working on a series of illustrations. Unfortunately my progress was hindered by the loss of my secondary hard drive. (A brand new Seagate Barracuda 500GB). Apparently mine was part of a whole line of drives that were dropping like flies.

So I, like many others, fell victim to a malfunction, and thus I am left with a paperweight that needs to be returned for a replacement. (I pray they don’t give me another of the same as these are still on the market.) Of course, now I realize I really should invest in an external drive so I can actually back up my work.

But here are some jpegs of what I was working on before I lost it. Fortunately, the original pencils are.. well.. still intact, obviously, so it’s a fresh scan and several hours until I’m back at where I was a week ago.

So here’s the pencils of my new work:

A little bit of color:

And a lot of progress:

Supposedly what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger- so here’s hoping that this work turns out even more fantastic on the second go-round.

I’ve also got a drawing of a unicorn being devoured by insects in the works… but I have not yet scanned it. (That’s what this weekend is for.)

So- I should have more stuff in the coming days as I’m feeling totally psyched to do some new work.

Also here’s another quickie I did a few weeks ago:

Wooo saucy!

Annnd color:
I love red..

And maybe needless to say.. but I love red. And muted purple.. and greys with color in them.


This just in-

Holy crap I want these goggles.

I really need to start drawing again.

And I’m out

Biiiig update.

Because the last time I tried to post wordpress timed out and lost what I wrote and I said fuck it and gave up for the time being.

Anyway here’s a BUNCH of stuff.

First off here’s Josh and John being the badasses of the techbar. I was sick of comic stuff so I sketched this out this morning at work. Look at that MASSIVE G5. XD


Okay and now here are the inks from page 2 of the comic:


Here is the color for page 2. I think I like it. I may make some more changes but.. this is pretty finished.


Here are the inks for page 3! That library scene nearly killt me.


And last but not least.. to finish things off.. here’s some goopy monster guy!


So that about does it for now.. back to coloring page 3.


Toothpaste For Dinner

It’s my birthday. Happy birthday to me. (I love toothpaste for dinner. Awesome comic. ) Edit: Okay well the 23rd was my birthday. Apparently the timezone was set to GMT annd thusly this has the wrong timestamp.. but no worries.

Lots of things going on lately. Firstly, Josh got whacked in the head with a piece of wood at work last week and had to go to the doctor for stitches.


Pretty gruesome, I know. I was in a state of massive panic as I didn’t know how bad the injury was, Josh was bleeding profusely, and he was non-responsive. Luckily no concussion or anything serious and he gets the sutures removed in two days. -cheer-

Also he got me a -wonderful- present for my birthday! A playstation 3! I was floored. Really, I wasn’t expecting anything so expensive. But though I’m not happy he spent so much on me, he’s still a sweetie and I ❤ him to death. My dad got me a rockin gift too. A new monitor, flatscreen HD acer. It’s gorgeous and so bright I was motion sick from playing Hellgate last night. Had to close my eyes and turn off the screen for a while. But now with the upgrading done my baby is running well and everything looks great. Now I need the rest of my software installed and I’ll be good to go.

As far as the honors thing goes, I’ve pencilled the second page and started on the third. Should have the third finished tomorrow. Ideally I’d like to get my pencils finished by -at least- October 15th. But really, I’d rather have my ink far along by then. That way I can digitally clean up my linework if I need to (and I do) and be right on schedule for the color. It’s nice to take my time though and do a lovely job. I’m happy with what I’m producing for once. It’s a rare feeling.. I doubt it’ll last for long.

Anyway, my birthday is nearly over and all that, and since it’s late, I’m off to bed. More drawing tomorrow. I’ll scan in the pages when they’re inked and post them here.

… one more.. teehee…

toothpaste for dinner

Here it is..

The first page of the project, inked and scanned. It hasn’t been cleaned up entirely yet, but it turned out so excellent so far, I’m thrilled to draw the rest. I’ll probably pencil and ink each page, perhaps start coloring this one while doing that. I do like to mix it up a little, else I get worn out too easily. Annnyway, here’s to the rest of the project going swimmingly.

That middle panel was difficult to draw. But gosh I love her weddingcake dress and those ridiculous shoes. How anyone could run in that is beyond me.

In other news, not much has been going on really, just lots of drawing, watching cartoons and working on my little acrylic painting for the art bash.


This is a little late..

But I got the Honors Portfolio Scholarship!

Suck it bishes!


On a more serious note.. My Art S. Buck Models arrived yesterday, along with my hot new set of Rapidographs and I’ve started doing volumetric drawings on vellum to start. I’m shooting to get all 8 drawn by the end of the month. That way when the ‘scholarship’ starts I’ll be ready to rock out with the final pencils and ink. (Yeah I’m gonna ink it. Gotta man up sometime. Plus these pens.. they call to me….. in the night I hear ‘Monika…… draaaw with us…. ‘)

Other than that, I’m in charge at the Supply Store. Essentially the ‘Store Coordinator’. And that means I do a lot of everything. But it’s all good, I run a tight ship and it’s going swimmingly. I’m way ahead of schedule even. So I’m pretty confident that it’s going to go well. Plus my business cards for that job will be arriving soon. (and nothing beats paid vacation and health insurance).

So yes.

Thrills chills and scary looking grey artist’s models with heads that are a wee bit too large. The woman’s head is oversized.. and her features aren’t far off from the man’s. It’s really creepy. I’m glad they’re not lifesized.

Hopefully I’ll have scanned some of my sketches to post here soon. I have character art of Kasha and Anezka, but it’s really rough so I’m going to neglect putting it up.

Not exactly art related..

But there are skulls in my drink. And this makes me very happy. I got one of these:

from Perpetual Kid it’s a pretty neat website. They’ve got some real kitchy junk. But when I saw the ice cube tray I just died. The design is by Fred a pretty nifty site. Most of their products are punny and clever and actually useful. The old ice cube tray was broken, so I thought, hell, why not.. It’s made out of rubber too so I won’t have to worry about it cracking when I get the skulls out. It’s a little difficult right out of the freezer, but if they thaw for a few seconds they pop right out into my glass. They have a bunch of other rockin ice cube trays.. Gin and Titonic which is a mini Titanic of course.. and a set of false teeth. Also a mold for an ice swan that you make in the freezer. Probably not as cool as the real thing because of the air that’s likely going to get trapped in the freezer ice, but still fun.

In other non-art-news.. I’m testifying as a witness in court tomorrow for a case against some drunk that got into a fight at my old job. [So glad to not be working there any longer], and my title is probably going to be changed to Assistant Manger or some sort of Coordinator in the next few weeks. Which is good, because I feel like I’m being a bit slighted at the new job. [in title and pay, but the pay isn’t complete shit so I can live.. it’s just not fair for the amount of not-in-my-job-descrip-work I’m doing]. But I like the job and I like the atmosphere and I don’t want to blow it on whining for a raise, so it’s okay for now.

Turned in things for the Honors Portfolio Scholarship, so I’ll likely have more things posted here if I get it. -fingers crossed-. And if I don’t get it, well I’ve got a damn good start, so I’ll just do my best without guidance. I’m sure it’ll be okay.

So yes, other than my exciting new kitchen accoutrement, life is pretty relaxed and unexciting. Josh got the full time job at the college which is awesome. His salary is gonna be great and we’ll be able to afford to live in a place that doesn’t have a thousand kids running around in the halls at night and being generally annoying.

There was a half eaten hotdog in the stairwell the other day. A damn HOTDOG for crying out loud. And the kids run away when we get too close like they’re some kind of wild animals. Actually that’s pretty close to accurate. For some reason their parents don’t care enough or don’t have enough time to take them to the park down the street, so they play with rocks in the parking lot and throw shit in the halls. It’d be really really sad and I’d probably feel bad for them…  if they weren’t constantly screaming at 1am when I have work in 5 hours.

So  yes, the promise of an apartment without crotchfruit everywhere and an inside washer and dryer.. well that’s just great. I’ll have clean clothes -and- be well rested. The only downfall is that it’s further away from work so I’ll be losing some money on gas. At least Josh can carpool with his boss. I don’t have that luxury as I start work before everyone else. But whatcha gonna do.

Anyway, I’m off to finish my piratey soft drink and enjoy some more Shark Week. Teeth!