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Pile of Art

I know it’s been some time since I updated my blog, and things have been quite busy in my personal life. But I have a few pieces of new work and sketches to put up so here we go.

Mijin Pencils

Mijin - The Red Beast

Lord DeSeer

Lord DeSeer Sketch

Lord DeSeer Partial Color

Lord DeSeer in all his glory

Sketch of Chris Phoenix - Your new favorite wrestler

Cannibal - sketch/values

Cannibal Complete

Thanakian Behemoth- pencil

Venomous - pencils

Sovereign of the Unseeing - pencil

It sees what they cannot.

Sovereign of the Unseeing - To speak its true name is its undoing... and yours.

General DeSeer - pencils

General DeSeer

I think that about covers it for now…


Meat Slug-

Complete and up on the site now- go have a look!
Sketches of goblins coming later today.

Biiiig update.

Because the last time I tried to post wordpress timed out and lost what I wrote and I said fuck it and gave up for the time being.

Anyway here’s a BUNCH of stuff.

First off here’s Josh and John being the badasses of the techbar. I was sick of comic stuff so I sketched this out this morning at work. Look at that MASSIVE G5. XD


Okay and now here are the inks from page 2 of the comic:


Here is the color for page 2. I think I like it. I may make some more changes but.. this is pretty finished.


Here are the inks for page 3! That library scene nearly killt me.


And last but not least.. to finish things off.. here’s some goopy monster guy!


So that about does it for now.. back to coloring page 3.


They are happenin’

So the gorgeous story that Ms. Elti wrote for me is too long. But! I shall not despair.. I’m just going to draw 8 panels as planned, and do the rest on my own time. Unless of course I manage to do more than 8 in a semester which is possible. Here are the layouts for six of them. It probably doesn’t make a lot of sense right now, but with the text laid in it flows with the story that she so beautifully wrote for me ❤

They’re pretty rough right now, but when they’re blown up full size and done in detail, I think they’ll be excellent. I’m so excited. ❤

I’ve created a monster!


Look at this chair. You know you want to sit in it….

Seriously, it looks ridiculously comfortable.

Red. It’s a color I like.

I’ve been a bit… bummed lately….

but the good news is… I realllly like the way this turned out. I think I’m making great strides with my work.

Okay, speaking of strides.. his feet suck. They weren’t in the original pencils, so I threw them in as an afterthought. Probably could have been handled better. ._.;

Waggling fingers and undead babes..

Quick update. New work. Waggling fingers are difficult but FUN.

And then, for the up and coming ‘Low Art’ Exhibition at RMCAD

Here’s my sketches