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New art-

Finished goblins went up on the site last week- forgot to mention that.

Starting sketches of a hydra today. Debating whether or not it’s blind. More later.


Meat Slug-

Complete and up on the site now- go have a look!
Sketches of goblins coming later today.


Progress. No time for more details. Painting.

The Seer

is underway-

Starting painting her today. This one is going to take some hours to finish though… lots of hours. Good thing we have a 3 day weekend coming up!

2 down 3 to go.

Unicorn (or Unicron as R as taken to calling it) is completed and up on the site.  Pencils are finished for the next piece ‘The Prophetess’ and I’m getting underway on ideas for the fourth and fifth. Plans are to finish all five by July- 10 by the end of August (or more) and have an exhibition of all the pieces in the fall.

So far things are going well… speaking with the Chair of Illustration at RMCAD next week, and hopefully I’ll be teaching there in the fall as an adjunct.  I have a lot of concerns, all of which I hope to address with him over dinner.

So here’s to hoping.

No new art to post yet- I need to scan my pencils first- that should come either later today or tomorrow! Check out the main site of course for the finished unicorn.  It’s right after the ember soldier.

Getting buggy

I almost feel bad for drawing this……

Still in progress.

Long overdue.

What’s new what’s new… not a lot.. but I am working on a series of illustrations. Unfortunately my progress was hindered by the loss of my secondary hard drive. (A brand new Seagate Barracuda 500GB). Apparently mine was part of a whole line of drives that were dropping like flies.

So I, like many others, fell victim to a malfunction, and thus I am left with a paperweight that needs to be returned for a replacement. (I pray they don’t give me another of the same as these are still on the market.) Of course, now I realize I really should invest in an external drive so I can actually back up my work.

But here are some jpegs of what I was working on before I lost it. Fortunately, the original pencils are.. well.. still intact, obviously, so it’s a fresh scan and several hours until I’m back at where I was a week ago.

So here’s the pencils of my new work:

A little bit of color:

And a lot of progress:

Supposedly what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger- so here’s hoping that this work turns out even more fantastic on the second go-round.

I’ve also got a drawing of a unicorn being devoured by insects in the works… but I have not yet scanned it. (That’s what this weekend is for.)

So- I should have more stuff in the coming days as I’m feeling totally psyched to do some new work.

Also here’s another quickie I did a few weeks ago:

Wooo saucy!

Annnd color:
I love red..

And maybe needless to say.. but I love red. And muted purple.. and greys with color in them.