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Here it is..

The first page of the project, inked and scanned. It hasn’t been cleaned up entirely yet, but it turned out so excellent so far, I’m thrilled to draw the rest. I’ll probably pencil and ink each page, perhaps start coloring this one while doing that. I do like to mix it up a little, else I get worn out too easily. Annnyway, here’s to the rest of the project going swimmingly.

That middle panel was difficult to draw. But gosh I love her weddingcake dress and those ridiculous shoes. How anyone could run in that is beyond me.

In other news, not much has been going on really, just lots of drawing, watching cartoons and working on my little acrylic painting for the art bash.



This is a little late..

But I got the Honors Portfolio Scholarship!

Suck it bishes!


On a more serious note.. My Art S. Buck Models arrived yesterday, along with my hot new set of Rapidographs and I’ve started doing volumetric drawings on vellum to start. I’m shooting to get all 8 drawn by the end of the month. That way when the ‘scholarship’ starts I’ll be ready to rock out with the final pencils and ink. (Yeah I’m gonna ink it. Gotta man up sometime. Plus these pens.. they call to me….. in the night I hear ‘Monika…… draaaw with us…. ‘)

Other than that, I’m in charge at the Supply Store. Essentially the ‘Store Coordinator’. And that means I do a lot of everything. But it’s all good, I run a tight ship and it’s going swimmingly. I’m way ahead of schedule even. So I’m pretty confident that it’s going to go well. Plus my business cards for that job will be arriving soon. (and nothing beats paid vacation and health insurance).

So yes.

Thrills chills and scary looking grey artist’s models with heads that are a wee bit too large. The woman’s head is oversized.. and her features aren’t far off from the man’s. It’s really creepy. I’m glad they’re not lifesized.

Hopefully I’ll have scanned some of my sketches to post here soon. I have character art of Kasha and Anezka, but it’s really rough so I’m going to neglect putting it up.