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It is far too early..

I barely slept. 4 hours.. tops. Nightmares coupled with stomach pain and restlessness contributed to a shitty night. Tonight is the opening of the Student show, I’ve got the night off from work, so I guess I’m gonna go. I hope Josh wins something. Hell if I win something it’d be killer for my resume.

I bought the domain by the way. Nothing really up yet.

It’s still pretty exciting. Let’s see.. my letterhead is designed.. I asked for the help of a few GD majors at school and they took a look.. I made some changes to the type but it’s looking good. Web class in an hour, so I’ll at least be getting more work done on the site. Flash is such a bitch. I sketched some lab guy with gloves and two halves of saw-scissors in his hands. I’ll post him later when I have some time.

Now, it is time for breakfast.


And so we begin…

Well, in an effort to get things rolling with the webdesign, I thought I could at least get my blog up and running. The main site is still in the works but I should get all the coding done within the next few weeks, definitely before the grad show at the end of April. This blog will be where I post some of my projects I’m currently working on, including developmental stages and napkin drawings. As far as things lately..

 I ordered 250 stickers off of, I don’t have the design saved as a .jpeg yet but when I get around to it, I’ll post it here.

Had a critique this morning on Junker, my newest illustration for Grad Portfolio, it went swimmingly. Working on business card designs and finding a suitable portfolio case to display my work. Then I have to go through the hell of getting plexi for the show and hoping that all of my work prints on time.

In other news, here are some really lame in progress bits of my new guy, Stumples. Stumples, WIP 2

Stumples WIP 4

So stage one is pretty basic, and moving on I’m adding more depth and wotnot, and of course at the request of John M., more maggots.. “as if he were choking on them”. Gorgeous.

I want to finish him up and get to work on a revision of the Caterbeast, who is also featured on my stickers.

So much to do so little time to do it, guess I’ll just relax during the rest of my ridiculous shift at the campus bookstore and try to sort out how I’m going to afford all of this printing.