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Pile of Art

I know it’s been some time since I updated my blog, and things have been quite busy in my personal life. But I have a few pieces of new work and sketches to put up so here we go.

Mijin Pencils

Mijin - The Red Beast

Lord DeSeer

Lord DeSeer Sketch

Lord DeSeer Partial Color

Lord DeSeer in all his glory

Sketch of Chris Phoenix - Your new favorite wrestler

Cannibal - sketch/values

Cannibal Complete

Thanakian Behemoth- pencil

Venomous - pencils

Sovereign of the Unseeing - pencil

It sees what they cannot.

Sovereign of the Unseeing - To speak its true name is its undoing... and yours.

General DeSeer - pencils

General DeSeer

I think that about covers it for now…