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New art-

Finished goblins went up on the site last week- forgot to mention that.

Starting sketches of a hydra today. Debating whether or not it’s blind. More later.


A day late…

Here’s the goblins as promised-

Though this is the final pencils rather than a rough sketch. Going to paint it tomorrow most likely- black and white is fun but color is 10x better.

The little goblins at the bottom are my favorite part. I added them in despite them not being in the thumbnail. I think it really makes my ‘Hulking Goblin’ look hulking. Adds to scale blah blah blah. Erasure is fantastic by the way. I should do more work in such a fashion. And graphite dust + paper stump makes for a really nice uneven tone that’ll go perfect beneath some digital paint.

Meat Slug-

Complete and up on the site now- go have a look!
Sketches of goblins coming later today.