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Getting buggy

I almost feel bad for drawing this……

Still in progress.


Okay so I finished the Ember Soldier as he has been dubbed, and I am working on my next piece.

Here it is with the colors quickly roughed in. I think this is what I vaguely want to go with. It’s a start.

They call me monokrome for a reason...

Stay tuned for more!

Another update

Grant is re-building my site this weekend [hooray!] and I should have it up and running by the end of the week/next weekend.

Also, after 6 hours, I’m back where I was before!

Good news all around. Now I rest.

Long overdue.

What’s new what’s new… not a lot.. but I am working on a series of illustrations. Unfortunately my progress was hindered by the loss of my secondary hard drive. (A brand new Seagate Barracuda 500GB). Apparently mine was part of a whole line of drives that were dropping like flies.

So I, like many others, fell victim to a malfunction, and thus I am left with a paperweight that needs to be returned for a replacement. (I pray they don’t give me another of the same as these are still on the market.) Of course, now I realize I really should invest in an external drive so I can actually back up my work.

But here are some jpegs of what I was working on before I lost it. Fortunately, the original pencils are.. well.. still intact, obviously, so it’s a fresh scan and several hours until I’m back at where I was a week ago.

So here’s the pencils of my new work:

A little bit of color:

And a lot of progress:

Supposedly what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger- so here’s hoping that this work turns out even more fantastic on the second go-round.

I’ve also got a drawing of a unicorn being devoured by insects in the works… but I have not yet scanned it. (That’s what this weekend is for.)

So- I should have more stuff in the coming days as I’m feeling totally psyched to do some new work.

Also here’s another quickie I did a few weeks ago:

Wooo saucy!

Annnd color:
I love red..

And maybe needless to say.. but I love red. And muted purple.. and greys with color in them.