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Toothpaste For Dinner

It’s my birthday. Happy birthday to me. (I love toothpaste for dinner. Awesome comic. ) Edit: Okay well the 23rd was my birthday. Apparently the timezone was set to GMT annd thusly this has the wrong timestamp.. but no worries.

Lots of things going on lately. Firstly, Josh got whacked in the head with a piece of wood at work last week and had to go to the doctor for stitches.


Pretty gruesome, I know. I was in a state of massive panic as I didn’t know how bad the injury was, Josh was bleeding profusely, and he was non-responsive. Luckily no concussion or anything serious and he gets the sutures removed in two days. -cheer-

Also he got me a -wonderful- present for my birthday! A playstation 3! I was floored. Really, I wasn’t expecting anything so expensive. But though I’m not happy he spent so much on me, he’s still a sweetie and I ❤ him to death. My dad got me a rockin gift too. A new monitor, flatscreen HD acer. It’s gorgeous and so bright I was motion sick from playing Hellgate last night. Had to close my eyes and turn off the screen for a while. But now with the upgrading done my baby is running well and everything looks great. Now I need the rest of my software installed and I’ll be good to go.

As far as the honors thing goes, I’ve pencilled the second page and started on the third. Should have the third finished tomorrow. Ideally I’d like to get my pencils finished by -at least- October 15th. But really, I’d rather have my ink far along by then. That way I can digitally clean up my linework if I need to (and I do) and be right on schedule for the color. It’s nice to take my time though and do a lovely job. I’m happy with what I’m producing for once. It’s a rare feeling.. I doubt it’ll last for long.

Anyway, my birthday is nearly over and all that, and since it’s late, I’m off to bed. More drawing tomorrow. I’ll scan in the pages when they’re inked and post them here.

… one more.. teehee…

toothpaste for dinner


Here it is..

The first page of the project, inked and scanned. It hasn’t been cleaned up entirely yet, but it turned out so excellent so far, I’m thrilled to draw the rest. I’ll probably pencil and ink each page, perhaps start coloring this one while doing that. I do like to mix it up a little, else I get worn out too easily. Annnyway, here’s to the rest of the project going swimmingly.

That middle panel was difficult to draw. But gosh I love her weddingcake dress and those ridiculous shoes. How anyone could run in that is beyond me.

In other news, not much has been going on really, just lots of drawing, watching cartoons and working on my little acrylic painting for the art bash.