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Not exactly art related..

But there are skulls in my drink. And this makes me very happy. I got one of these:

from Perpetual Kid it’s a pretty neat website. They’ve got some real kitchy junk. But when I saw the ice cube tray I just died. The design is by Fred a pretty nifty site. Most of their products are punny and clever and actually useful. The old ice cube tray was broken, so I thought, hell, why not.. It’s made out of rubber too so I won’t have to worry about it cracking when I get the skulls out. It’s a little difficult right out of the freezer, but if they thaw for a few seconds they pop right out into my glass. They have a bunch of other rockin ice cube trays.. Gin and Titonic which is a mini Titanic of course.. and a set of false teeth. Also a mold for an ice swan that you make in the freezer. Probably not as cool as the real thing because of the air that’s likely going to get trapped in the freezer ice, but still fun.

In other non-art-news.. I’m testifying as a witness in court tomorrow for a case against some drunk that got into a fight at my old job. [So glad to not be working there any longer], and my title is probably going to be changed to Assistant Manger or some sort of Coordinator in the next few weeks. Which is good, because I feel like I’m being a bit slighted at the new job. [in title and pay, but the pay isn’t complete shit so I can live.. it’s just not fair for the amount of not-in-my-job-descrip-work I’m doing]. But I like the job and I like the atmosphere and I don’t want to blow it on whining for a raise, so it’s okay for now.

Turned in things for the Honors Portfolio Scholarship, so I’ll likely have more things posted here if I get it. -fingers crossed-. And if I don’t get it, well I’ve got a damn good start, so I’ll just do my best without guidance. I’m sure it’ll be okay.

So yes, other than my exciting new kitchen accoutrement, life is pretty relaxed and unexciting. Josh got the full time job at the college which is awesome. His salary is gonna be great and we’ll be able to afford to live in a place that doesn’t have a thousand kids running around in the halls at night and being generally annoying.

There was a half eaten hotdog in the stairwell the other day. A damn HOTDOG for crying out loud. And the kids run away when we get too close like they’re some kind of wild animals. Actually that’s pretty close to accurate. For some reason their parents don’t care enough or don’t have enough time to take them to the park down the street, so they play with rocks in the parking lot and throw shit in the halls. It’d be really really sad and I’d probably feel bad for them…  if they weren’t constantly screaming at 1am when I have work in 5 hours.

So  yes, the promise of an apartment without crotchfruit everywhere and an inside washer and dryer.. well that’s just great. I’ll have clean clothes -and- be well rested. The only downfall is that it’s further away from work so I’ll be losing some money on gas. At least Josh can carpool with his boss. I don’t have that luxury as I start work before everyone else. But whatcha gonna do.

Anyway, I’m off to finish my piratey soft drink and enjoy some more Shark Week. Teeth!



They are happenin’

So the gorgeous story that Ms. Elti wrote for me is too long. But! I shall not despair.. I’m just going to draw 8 panels as planned, and do the rest on my own time. Unless of course I manage to do more than 8 in a semester which is possible. Here are the layouts for six of them. It probably doesn’t make a lot of sense right now, but with the text laid in it flows with the story that she so beautifully wrote for me ❤

They’re pretty rough right now, but when they’re blown up full size and done in detail, I think they’ll be excellent. I’m so excited. ❤

I’ve created a monster!


Look at this chair. You know you want to sit in it….

Seriously, it looks ridiculously comfortable.

Ah.. disappointment.

And so Kristian cancels the show.

Today really sucks.