Tum te dum

So! I am now a college graduate. And this means that I get to search around for another crap minimum wage job while searching around for a job I’d really love to do and hoping that I get a response. In the meantime, I’m working on some new stuff. I got a Cintiq from my Dad for Graduation which was the best present ever. Annnd I did a little character sketch of the zombie woman from my up and coming project, though the pencils were not too thrilling and I really need to buy a new sketchbook as mine is full up.

So here’s the sketch/some color of her so far. It’s kind of bland BUT it’s a start. When I get a new sketchbook I’ll work on some better drawings of her. There have been others, but I’ve got to stop making up ladyfaces from my arse and start getting some good reference. It’s better that way. It’s too bad people out in public don’t like to be drawn.

Greeeen eyes. Very fun.

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