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I hate Drow.

I got hired on full time at the RMCAD bookstore. I know it’s not an illustration job, but, it’s a -good- job. I get to work with people I like, work around art supplies, the starting pay is decent, and I get health insurance. The last bit is really important to me right now. Also it’s not as if I can’t continue to draw while I’m working there. I’m very very happy.

In other news, here’s a pencil sketch.

And here’s the same sketch with ink and partial color.

Gonna draw up a background for this when I have more time.

Drow are a bit tricky, and as the title says…. not pleased about drawing them in general. But hah.. still it’s nice to get a decent bit of work done. The pose came out great, I’m in love with her hand.



Here’s a quickie. ’nuff said.

Purple. Yeah.

Haven’t had much time

to draw lately but I’m managing.  It was nice and cold today which was great after the past few days of hellishly hot weather. I actually had to wear my hoodie after work. Weird huh?

Anyway, here’s the finished art of Kristian. It took a while to get it done because I needed decent photos of his tattoos for reference. They turned out decently. -nod- I kept forgetting to grab my digicam before work.

Just to

break the trend.. I’m posting at noon. Haha! Alright so, been busy trying to get this job thing figured out.. also I want to get some new ink to celebrate finishing school.. I’m thinking something from Dante’s Inferno.. they have the best engravings in there. I’ll put up photos when I get it done.  For now.. here’s a semi-colored drawing of Kristian, the fellow who works the front desk. He’s been bothering me to color this all week.

I’ll probably finish it another day.. I’ve got laundry and stuff to get done now.

Not sure why but..

I always seem to post in the mornings. It’s weird huh? So I’m working through this job crisis thing. And my boss resigned from the bookstore.. she will be missed. Now I’m gunning for her old job, but.. I’m ALSO covering most of her hours.. so I’m working a 40 hour week at the school and another 20 hours waiting tables. It’s been hard on me so far.. haven’t gotten a lot of time to myself.. let alone to draw. However, it wasn’t very busy at the store yesterday so I took the time to do a little sketching in my new inky sketchbook.

So for your viewing pleasure are the inks of some hot lady in her skivvies. Underwear is fun to draw!

Tum te dum

So! I am now a college graduate. And this means that I get to search around for another crap minimum wage job while searching around for a job I’d really love to do and hoping that I get a response. In the meantime, I’m working on some new stuff. I got a Cintiq from my Dad for Graduation which was the best present ever. Annnd I did a little character sketch of the zombie woman from my up and coming project, though the pencils were not too thrilling and I really need to buy a new sketchbook as mine is full up.

So here’s the sketch/some color of her so far. It’s kind of bland BUT it’s a start. When I get a new sketchbook I’ll work on some better drawings of her. There have been others, but I’ve got to stop making up ladyfaces from my arse and start getting some good reference. It’s better that way. It’s too bad people out in public don’t like to be drawn.

Greeeen eyes. Very fun.