It’s over!

Well there were no stickers. That’s okay.. they’ll be there for the end reception at least. The show was great, lots and lots of people. Nobody I invited bothered to come which was a little disappointing and our Grad Portfolio teacher didn’t show either.. or if he did it was a half hour before the show ended. Actually none of the Illustration faculty was there, except for the Chair, whom was a little late. But at least he was -there-.

But yes. Big turn out, everyone’s work looked amazing in the gallery and I got dressed up and had one hell of a time. It was really fun to talk to everyone and mingle. I don’t get out to social functions very often so I really enjoyed myself. We went out for dinner afterwards, and that was a little awkward. My sister doesn’t really fit in with my friends so.. she was kind of distant.. but other than that – great night!

I may take pictures of the gallery later and post them, but for now I’m exhausted.

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