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It’s over!

Well there were no stickers. That’s okay.. they’ll be there for the end reception at least. The show was great, lots and lots of people. Nobody I invited bothered to come which was a little disappointing and our Grad Portfolio teacher didn’t show either.. or if he did it was a half hour before the show ended. Actually none of the Illustration faculty was there, except for the Chair, whom was a little late. But at least he was -there-.

But yes. Big turn out, everyone’s work looked amazing in the gallery and I got dressed up and had one hell of a time. It was really fun to talk to everyone and mingle. I don’t get out to social functions very often so I really enjoyed myself. We went out for dinner afterwards, and that was a little awkward. My sister doesn’t really fit in with my friends so.. she was kind of distant.. but other than that – great night!

I may take pictures of the gallery later and post them, but for now I’m exhausted.



Well it’s the big day today! The day of the grad show! And guess what…?

I didn’t get enough sleep. Not nearly enough. I was up late penning an invoice sample for my prof and I have a critique in an hour at a cafe. Least I can get breakfast there. Bleh..

I really hope tonight goes smoothly though.  And I pray I find a box of stickers in my PO box this morning.

Also I sketched up this image to be on my portfolio box and on my pedestal at the show. I loves it so. I was doodling something similar in Psych the other day.

He’s so confused about what’s going on.. while the bird FEASTS. Also it matches the setup of my stickers. ❤

What has been missed!

So, between the time I last posted and now.. some stuff has transpired. First.. Why is it I always write these at like.. 7am, right after I roll out of bed. It’s weird.. as if I have the blog itch in my sleep or something.

Anyway. First off, Elti, my awesome friend in Australia is helping me by fleshing out some ideas I had into a full fledged story so that I may do some hot sequential art and toss it in the direction of Heavy Metal and perhaps a few other companies. Here’s keeping the fingers crossed that I can do this. It’s a lot of pages to pencil, ink and color by myself. But I think I’ll be okay..

In return for Elti’s super awesome rockingness I whipped up some art for her. It’s only lines at the moment but will become a full fledged piece in a few days when I finish the color.

She has -excellent- breasts.. which have been the subject of many conversations when I’ve had this piece lying around. Annnd I just realized I may have left this lineart sitting in a lab in the Texas bldg last night. That’s what I get for working late and not paying attention to what I was doing when I left. Annnyway.. so yes.

This is my practice for the up and coming work.. I am in love with that bottle. I hope I can do it justice when I throw color all over it like a rabid monkey.

In other news, I was invited to apply for the Honors Portfolio Semester. It’s basically a semester of free school where I work for 3 credits with a faculty mentor of my choosing and I get to amp up my portfolio. I’m pretty thrilled about this one. Going to apply with the best life drawing teacher on campus so I can improve my form and make some damn fine sequential art. Here’s to hoping I get accepted.

Also I was subpoena’d thanks to work (other work, not campus work) and I have to testify against a fellow who was stupid enough to pick a fight with five other guys. He got the ever living hell beat out of him.. I’m not really all that happy about this but at least the trial is on a day when I don’t have class. Phew.

All of my work is ready for the Grad Show and now I’m just waiting for Monday to hang everything in the gallery. Pretty damned exciting. I can’t believe how fast the semester went. So hopefully everything will go smoothly in the next few weeks.. annnd I’ll have more stuff to post here, art wise.


Voila! After a morning spent up at the school, as well as several hours last night.. She is complete!