So, I got my portfolio case yesterday. Huzzah! It’s perfect. Beautiful. Totally worth the money. However, my business cards also came and unfortunately they were printed incorrectly so I had to deal with customer service and try to find a way to get it fixed. Now I have a box of 100 I can’t use. The color is great though. I should have a reprint sometime next week. In other news…

I was feeling bummed and watching cartoons at work last night and since I haven’t been drawing anything but humanoid monsters and the like, I thought I’d sketch out a person. So I did some pencils of Caelan. They need a tiny bit more cleaning and I’ll probably throw em into Photoshop today and see if I can’t make something acceptable. The background still eludes me for this one but I’ll figure out something nice and vague later. I like the angular style I managed here. The hands came out great, though you can see where I drew one partly through the figure in the initial stages. Gotta clean that up too.

CaelanThat girl has got some attitude for sure. Definitely am enjoying the way it came out.

Also, today is our ONE day off for Spring Break. And Josh has to work. Very sad. I offered him part of my website to put his work up, but he said no.. not surprising really.. I don’t think I’d want to share a website either. But the offer still stands.

Bought a new pencil case yesterday also.. I’m not sure what happened to the old one but I keep losing all of my pencils. It’s ridiculously frustrating and it gets to be a tad expensive after a while.

No word yet on that drawing that went missing. I’m pretty certain someone snatched it from me when I wasn’t looking at my other job. I’m not very thrilled. The pencils were quite nice.. but no point dwelling upon it. I’m sure I’ll have bigger and better work soon. Hell even this one here is an improvement. It’s nice to see everything falling into place.

Well enough about that, it’s time for breakfast and a trip up to campus to make use of the Cintiqs.

    • Vivi
    • March 31st, 2008

    ❤ This sketch is gorgeous! I just adore that collar!!!

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