So, the site is up now.. obviously… and it’s looking pretty good I think. Now I just have to spend the next five weeks finishing up and getting portfolio work photographed and uploaded. Definitely not bad for my first time working with Flash.

The letterhead is printed up and ready to go, and now I just need to research my list of 20 places to send my resume and info to and hope that by some miracle I get a bite. Advertising oneself can be difficult methinks. I’ll probably have some sketches up sometime this week of some little ideas I’ve been tossing around. I’m going to attempt to get two pieces finished for the next project instead of just one. More monstrous things I think.

    • Captain Vyse
    • March 16th, 2008

    Your lovely morbid style never ceases to dazzle me, Monika. It feels awkward calling you that after seeing the name Caelan so many times before.

    I’ll be sure to follow your career when I can, and I wish you only the best of luck in your endeavors.

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