It is far too early..

I barely slept. 4 hours.. tops. Nightmares coupled with stomach pain and restlessness contributed to a shitty night. Tonight is the opening of the Student show, I’ve got the night off from work, so I guess I’m gonna go. I hope Josh wins something. Hell if I win something it’d be killer for my resume.

I bought the domain by the way. Nothing really up yet.

It’s still pretty exciting. Let’s see.. my letterhead is designed.. I asked for the help of a few GD majors at school and they took a look.. I made some changes to the type but it’s looking good. Web class in an hour, so I’ll at least be getting more work done on the site. Flash is such a bitch. I sketched some lab guy with gloves and two halves of saw-scissors in his hands. I’ll post him later when I have some time.

Now, it is time for breakfast.

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