Registered my domain and got web hosting. Now I just need to finish my website.. also here is the design for the grad show stickers I was talking about..

And also I’ve finished up my business card design thanks to some help from Grant.

It’s a little bit pricier but I’m going full color front and back. I just like the look of it better like this..

In other news, Today was Josh’s birthday. Huzzah. He’s 22 and we’re heading out for dinner on Friday night with the gang. That should prove fun and entertaining. Also I got out of class early and bought some cream colored paper for my letterhead. I’m trying to keep the style similar to my business cards, but I want the drawings to have more of a.. work in progress feel. Pencil sketches printed onto the paper like a watermark. I thought it would look nice. I’ve got some time to figure it out though, first I want to make sure my business card designs match the color of the paper and then I have to send that job off to the printer. I really hope I get that vacation pay from work tomorrow or else I’m so fucked with funds. This is costing me a pretty good amount to put together, certainly more than I can afford with my wages. Uck. And apparently tax returns are coming late this year, so I may be struggling through April as well. Here’s to hoping everything goes okay.

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