As promised..

Thaumaturgic Rot

This is what happens when you use too much magic

The pencils for Thaumaturgic rot- the finished color piece is up at now 🙂


Look how floaty he is!

Here’s a little necromancer I sketched at the pub the other night, probably will slap some color over the top of this and see how it looks. He’s so floaty!

Mr Gobs

Goblins + alchemy = big explosions

And a sketch of a goblin doing some chemical-y stuff. I just like how pinchy his face looks here.

Right- and that’s me off for now, hopefully will have some other bits soon.

How long has it been?

About a million years by my count. Life has a way of getting on the way of art and mine seems to be doing a damn good job about it. A little bird was chirping in my ear about writing and posting some things so I’ll do my best to get some of my sketches scanned and up soon.

So if anyone is still keeping an eye on this blog, thanks for hanging in there, I’ll make it worth it, promise.





Pile of Art

I know it’s been some time since I updated my blog, and things have been quite busy in my personal life. But I have a few pieces of new work and sketches to put up so here we go.

Mijin Pencils

Mijin - The Red Beast

Lord DeSeer

Lord DeSeer Sketch

Lord DeSeer Partial Color

Lord DeSeer in all his glory

Sketch of Chris Phoenix - Your new favorite wrestler

Cannibal - sketch/values

Cannibal Complete

Thanakian Behemoth- pencil

Venomous - pencils

Sovereign of the Unseeing - pencil

It sees what they cannot.

Sovereign of the Unseeing - To speak its true name is its undoing... and yours.

General DeSeer - pencils

General DeSeer

I think that about covers it for now…

New art-

Finished goblins went up on the site last week- forgot to mention that.

Starting sketches of a hydra today. Debating whether or not it’s blind. More later.

A day late…

Here’s the goblins as promised-

Though this is the final pencils rather than a rough sketch. Going to paint it tomorrow most likely- black and white is fun but color is 10x better.

The little goblins at the bottom are my favorite part. I added them in despite them not being in the thumbnail. I think it really makes my ‘Hulking Goblin’ look hulking. Adds to scale blah blah blah. Erasure is fantastic by the way. I should do more work in such a fashion. And graphite dust + paper stump makes for a really nice uneven tone that’ll go perfect beneath some digital paint.

Meat Slug-

Complete and up on the site now- go have a look!
Sketches of goblins coming later today.